It changes one color to another color according to the difference in angle when light reflects from mirror to mirror. It is a system for deriving various colors contained in white light into different colors depending on the angle. When you writing a picture, various colors are created by mixing different paints, but this work creates a variety of colors from the reflection angle. The mirror polyhedron in this series is based on a sphere, and the polyhedron of light reflected in the mirror weaves various colors while reflecting in the invisible sphere.


Lapis Iazuli sphere    2014-2015
Glass, Stainless steel, LED. Wood, W790xH530xD543mm 
Anyouin Rurikoudo, Tokyo, Japan

 There are eight blue balls made from a triangular pyramid in Anyou-in Ruri-ko-dou. Only the center triangle is a substance, and it repeats reflection in a mirror-shaped triangular pyramid creating a virtual sphere.

安養院瑠璃光堂の中に、三角錐から作られた8個の青い球が配置されている. 中心の1つの三角だけが実体で、鏡面の三角錐のなかで反射を繰り返し、虚像の球体を作る。
Cosmos     2010
Optical film, plastic, mirror, LED, W1683 xH916xD1300mm
Kindergarten, Tokyo, Japan

Rainbow     2010
Optical film, plastic, mirror, LED,  W917xH795xD245mm
Kindergarten, Tokyo, Japan
Solo exhibition at Gallery Seiho

Sfera n3  2009
Optical film, plasic, stainless steel, LED, W892xH485xD859mm

Sferan5  2009
Optical film, plasic, stainless steel, LED, W444xH667xD1158mm

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