As is known in Newton's research, light has no color, and the light called white light contains light with several wavelengths that make many colors feel in the human eye. The mirror is thought to represent the reality, but when the viewer looks at the mirror, the white light of the sculpture shining in front of the viewer changes into a variety of colors. The color reflected in the mirror is not a color based on pigment but a color inherent in white light. It is a work that allows you to experience what exists beyond what you are seeing, even if you can't see it.


Rainbow     No.2     2015-2016
Mirror, Wood, Optical film, LED, Plastic, Dimension variable

Se tu lanci un` arancia a destra, cadera`a sinistra     2007
Mirror, Optical film, Plastic, Wood, Fluorescent lamp, 
Palazzo Crivelli, Milan, Italy
Photo Gabriele Tocchio

Color     2006
Mirror, optical film, plasic, wood, fluorescent lamp, Dimension variable

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