This series uses a sewing needle. The light reflects the surface of the needle that shines in silver and goes deep into the bundle of needles. On the other hand, light cannot be reflected from the inside of the bundle. Because the work has a mechanism to capture light like this, black darkness can be seen when the needle is viewed from the front. The black produced by the needle is the darkness created by light, not by pigment or paint.


Black Hole No.2     2017
Needle, Stainless, W450xH600xD100mm
Durer Solid 2017
Needle, Stainless, W300xH280xD166mm

 Cut the polyhedron drawn in Albrecht Dürer's “Melancholia I” in half and reflect it to the mirror surface to create a virtual and real image as a 3D object.

Black is born out of light     2004
Needle, Stainless, W33xH7xD33cm

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