When soap bubbles are part of our ordinary lives are observed carefully, you notice a very dramatic phenomenon. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by this beautiful yet mysterious figure. Due to the interference of light, various colors such as red, green, blue, purple, and yellow appear. With time, the colors and patterns on the surface of the bubble change just like the clouds on the sky flow. Eventually, the bubble comes to look like an ultra-thin net or even falling snow. Shooting a picture of the bubble is a very persevering task, and in order to derive radiant colors and interesting patterns from the fragile and capricious bubbles, I experimented with various formulations of soapy water. I also had to be very careful with the lighting because the surface is smooth and reflects the surrounding scenery like a mirror. Subtle changes in the invisible thickness of the thin foam create striking and visible changes like this. It is as if bubbles visualize little and invisible transformation in the world around us. This is a photograph of a very small and fleeting world, but the resulting image is of connected planets in the enormous universe.

This works won first place in the science category for Professional at the Tokyo international Foto Awards (TIFA).
Tokyo international Foto Awards (TIFA) 科学部門でprofesional部門で一位を受賞した。
A Bubble
Color photograph on aluminum

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