The word "photograph" means "drawing with light". I started making this series to draw a picture with light using a soap film like drawing on a canvas. Colors that are often used historically in Western and Japanese paintings are pigments like paint and are created by subtractive color mixing. In this series, colors were created by optical interference, not pigments. The material of the image in this work is a colorless and transparent soap film, and 0.001 mm of the difference of film thickness results in vivid color difference. Dripping soap water instead of a brush to make a thickness difference that is unrecognizable to the naked eye. In the work, the color plane is composed of physical chemistry, the author's hand and chance operation, and the color that shifts momentary are cut out with photographs. The magnified micro world reveals some of the bright and bold laws of the world that are not visible in everyday life.



Colorless and trasparent     2018-
Inkjet Print on Hahnemuhle fine art paper, 594x396mm

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